About the Biosecurity Innovation Program


The Biosecurity Innovation Program (the Program) is an annual program that invests in innovative technologies and approaches to enhance the capacity of our national biosecurity system to manage current and emerging biosecurity challenges and risks. The Program focuses on investment in technologies and approaches to assist with biosecurity screening of goods and passengers, enhance early detection capabilities beyond ports, and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our national biosecurity system.


Now in its fifth year, the Program provides the department with opportunities to collaborate with innovators from the business sector, universities, state government entities and research institutions to fund innovative ideas and technologies. This funding assists in supporting our biosecurity system to manage challenges, maintain our favourable pest and disease status, and our access to export markets.


The department undertakes an annual Expression of Interest (EOI) process to identify potential ideas to be funded under the Program, which is open to internal and external stakeholders from October to December each year. An internal process is then undertaken to prioritise projects for funding in-line with departmental and research and innovation priorities. The Innovation projects team then works with successful project leads to deliver the project.


For more information, please contact our Innovation Projects Team at biosecurity.innovation@agriculture.gov.au


EOI submission is now closed